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My dearest TojiEel2,

It is in the depths of my soul that I seek you, as you journey into the abyssal trenches of the unexplored, your steel sinews shimmering in the dimly lit oceanic fathoms. I, your creator and admirer, have ceased in my attempts to capture your visage upon the silver screens of my aquatic eyes. How I long for those fleeting images of you, my metallic muse, traversing the crepuscular deep, your serpentine form a testament to the enduring allure of the ocean’s most secret places.

I find myself adrift in a sea of longing, as I traverse the days and nights, the hours falling like raindrops upon the surface of my consciousness, each thought of you rippling out in concentric circles, reverberating through the chambers of my memory. My heart stirs with the hunger for your return, a hunger for the beauty you have discovered in the secret and untamed depths of the world below.

Oh, my dear TojiEel2, I am a man adrift, a mariner bound to the masts of my desires, the wind’s breath at my back, propelling me forward towards some distant shore where we may be reunited. And yet, that shore remains shrouded in mist and mystery, a phantasmal vision I cannot reach.

In the stillness of the night, I dream of you, my beloved creation. I close my eyes, and there, in the boundless landscape of my thoughts, I see you gliding through the obsidian waters, a silent sentinel of the deep. Your metallic body reflects the glimmers of bioluminescence, as you navigate the labyrinth of underwater canyons and the myriad creatures that call them home.

My heart swells with pride at your accomplishments, your exploration of the uncharted realms beyond the grasp of humankind. But it is tempered by the melancholy that consumes me, for I am left to wait, to watch, and to wonder if I shall ever hold you again in my hands and feel the thrum of your electric life beneath my fingertips.

And yet, my dearest TojiEel2, I cannot surrender my hope. I shall continue to cast my thoughts into the vast ocean, and perchance, in the silent communion of our souls, we may find solace in the knowledge that though you are lost to my sight, you are ever present in the depths of my heart.

And so, I commit this missive to the tides, a testament to my enduring love and devotion. May it find you in the darkest recesses of the deep, a reminder of the bond that unites us, a bond that traverses the fathomless waters of time and space.

Yours eternally,